Oscar Isaac is X-Men: Apocalypse’s…Apocalypse


Oscar Isaac truly is a renaissance man. He’s one of the few actors I can take seriously in anything he chooses. In fact if he decided to don a fat suit and fart for three hours in his next film, I’d still see it six times. But thankfully he’s only donning some makeup for now, as Oscar Isaac joins the eighth X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse as the titular villain. 

According to Variety, Fox was aiming high since the beginning. And if this series can continue pulling in big name stars like Isaac (who’s also showing up in another big sequel soon), I’ll be down to watch whatever they put out. Days of Future Past was a good step forward, but it was stuck fixing the problems the rest of the series had. I can’t wait to see the first truly free from crud entry. 

[via Variety]