Our first look at Terminator 6 reveals three bad ass women


Terminator 6 is coming with some hope for it not sucking given to the fact that Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, is helming the film and James Cameron is intimately involved. With the movie releasing next holiday season and shooting having just started the slow drip of promotion has been turned on and we have received this first look at three of the leads from the film: Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, and Linda Hamilton.

Linda Hamilton looks like a damn badass of epic proportions. I mean she was a badass in T2 as well, but here she looks like she could easily turn you into a turd blowing in the wind. She’ll be reprising her role as Sarah Connor, but as for who Reyes and Davis are playing it’s not clear. Davis clearly has some weird scars on her so maybe she’s part or all robot? With Arnold Schwarzenegger returning in some capacity and Gabriel Luna already confirmed to be playing a Terminator that would make three future killing machines of some sort in the film.  

Obviously, since Hamilton and Schwarzenegger are returning, Terminator 6 will be within the continuity of the original and T2 but that’s all. Miller, along with producer James Cameron, has stated that the movie is a direct sequel to Cameron’s previous films and will completely ignore anything made after them. That is, of course, for the very best as the movies that came after T2 have made a convoluted mess of everything thanks to time travel and stupidity. 

The untitled Terminator 6 will hit theaters on November 22, 2019.

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