Overlord will be R-rated and not set in Cloverfield Universe


Responding to rumors about whether or not Bad Robot’s newest movie Overlord will be based in the Cloverfield universe, J.J. Abrams confirmed that it will not be and that a proper Cloverfield sequel is being developed for theaters.

Taking place during World War II, Overlord will tell the story of how allied soldiers discover the Nazis attempts to harness supernatural forces while utilizing gruesome experimental techniques to aid them in their conquest of the world.

Abrams who will serve as the producer claims that Overlord is “batshit crazy” and has stated that this will be Bad Robot’s first go at an R-Rated feature. Footage shown at CinemaCon but not released to the public was reported to be gruesome and showed soldiers hanging from trees with mutated Nazis wreaking havoc.

As much reverence that I feel must be paid to World War II and those who fought in it, these types of embellished genre movies based on little aspects of the war are always entertaining to me, so I’ll be looking forward to Overlord when it comes out in theaters on October 26th of this year.

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Anthony Marzano
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