Pacific Rim 2 comes roaring back with John Boyega


Man, did I want a Pacific Rim 2 to happen. Not because I especially loved the first one, but because I thought it wasted a ton of potential that a second move could capitalize on. It didn’t look like we ever would see a sequel until suddenly we were and it had a director… and now it has a big name actor. Star Wars: The Force Awaken‘s John Boyega is leading the cast and will be playing Idris Elba’s character’s son. 

We really don’t know much about the plot of the movie other than it will definitely have giant robots fighting monsters. We’re not even sure if Elba will be back, though the casting of his son before announcement that he’ll be returning makes me feel like he may have died somewhere between the two films. Guillermo del Toro also refers to Boyega as the leading man so that’s another bit of a nail in the Elba-returning coffin. Plus, he’s super busy with The Dark Tower

Hopefully his casting puts a few more butts in theater seats this time so that the franchise can grow even more.

Matthew Razak
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