Pacific Rim 2 is happening with Steven S. DeKnight (Daredevil showrunner) as director


Last year we reported that Pacific Rim 2 was delayed indefinitely, part of some industry drama between Legendary Pictures and Universal. Well, looks like kaijus are back on the menu, guys.

Pacific Rim 2 is moving forward with Daredevil season 1 showrunner Steven S. DeKnight as director. Guillermo del Toro will serve as producer on the film.

Fans of the first Pacific Rim may be bummed that Del Toro’s no longer at the helm. More than that, the sequel is in the hands of DeKnight, who has loads of television experience but has never directed a feature film. Perhaps the project is only moving forward now thanks to Dailan Wanda Group, the Chinese company that bought Legendary pictures last month for $3.5 billion.

There’s no indication of the budget for Pacific Rim 2, or what level of involvement Del Toro will have with the script and story. Stay tuned for details as they emerge.

[via /Film]

Hubert Vigilla
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