Pacific Rim continues with new comic, Tales from the Rift


In case you couldn’t get enough Kaijus and Jaegers the first time you saw Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro has you covered with the upcoming sequel, which has actually just entered pre-production. However, if 2017 is still a little too far off for you, the giant robot action will continue a little sooner than that with a new comic book series from Legendary Comics, Pacific Rim: Tales from the Rift.

Tales from the Rift is a follow-up to the previously successful Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero comic and will be based on a story from the film’s screenwriter Travis Beacham. Legendary is already promising epic battles with a new larger than life Kaiju in the comic across four monthly issues.

So if you just can’t wait another two years to see giant robots and monster duking it out, you’ll be able to get your fix when the first issue releases later this year in November.