Paramount bans screenings of Team America: World Police


After yesterday’s news that The Interview (why?) would no longer be releasing on December 25 (if ever) many smaller theaters announced that they would instead be screening Team America: World Police, which, as we all remember, features plenty of making fun of Korean leaders. It looks like terrorism will win again as the threats from Korea have Paramount contacting the theaters and telling them not to screen it. The Alamo Drafthouse in Texas, Capitol Theater in Cleveland, and Plaza Atlanta in Atlanta have all been contacted and told not to show the film.

Look, I’m all for public safety and despite it feeling really bad I can see why they cancelled The Interview. This, however, is just plain infuriating. No threats have been made and an act of solidarity to not kowtow to threats is now being squashed. This is basically saying we should all hide in our homes and teaching those that might threaten us again that this shit works.  

[via The Daily Beast]

Matthew Razak
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