Paramount interested in a PG Anchorman spin-off


I am utterly gobsmacked that someone is planning a family-friendly Anchorman spin-off. No, really! Your calendar isn’t wrong! It is not April 1st. It is the middle of November, and yet I can’t help but feel someone decided to start the practical jokes a tad early.

In an interview with Collider, Anchorman 2 director Adam McKay commented on the possibility of another movie in the franchise starring Ron Burgandy’s son (which is a spoiler for Anchorman 2, I guess) and beloved canine companion Baxter. And it’ll be “G-rated, PG” for some reason. Yeah.

McKay was interested in a story about what Baxter does off-camera, and eventually started talking about a film about the adventures of Walter Burgandy and Baxter. “I actually pitched it to Adam Goodman at Paramount and he said, “That’s not a bad idea.” So there’s a chance we might be doing a Milo and Otis, G-rated, PG, Adventures of Walter and Baxter, which would be amazing.”

That’s certainly a word for it. I have faith in McKay’s abilities, but does this really need to be made? Is this a story that absolutely needs to be told? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, because there’s no way The Adventures of Walter and Baxter gets past the planning stages. Right?

[Source: JoBlo]