Paramount looking to expand on “day-and-date” VOD indies


While going out to see a movie is getting more and more expensive, it makes smaller independent movies more of a risk to the consumer. Would you rather spend you ten dollars on a smaller film like Only God Forgives, or go with the big budget behemoth like Pacific Rim? Paramount is taking the first step toward making the industry a little more viable for independent films. 

Paramount Pictures, under new management, is currently focused on acquiring more festival films and indie properties and is trying to get their VOD and theater runs to release simultaneously. While this seems like business mumbo jumbo, this just means more movies for us. There’s less of a chance to miss out on something special like say, The History of Future Folk (which is something I recently saw on VOD because it was a dollar). So this may not be a big thing now, but let’s hope this small step gets us to a better movie goin’ future. 

[via /Film]