Paramount nixes Friday the 13th reboot and World War Z sequel from release calendar


If you were looking forward to the Friday the 13th reboot and World War Z 2 (aka A World War Zequel), you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. You may be waiting indefinitely. Paramount Pictures has removed both of these films from its current release calendar, with Friday the 13th killed at the studio.

In the case of the Friday the 13th reboot, this means yet another setback in a years-long history of troubles. Even though a cast was not in place, the film was supposed to start shooting in six weeks with an October 13th release date. The movie was going to be a Jason Vorhees origin story, so fans of the horror franchise probably lucked out. Seriously, who gives a crap about Jason Vorhees’ childhood, let a lone a rushed-job origin story? The project is officially canceled at Paramount, with the rights to Friday the 13th eventually reverting to New Line Cinema.

As for World War Z 2, the film’s been put on the backburner to refocus the script. Paramount seems to be prepping the movie for a later 2018 or 2019 release date, though no firm plans are in place. There is also no word on if David Fincher might be involved with the project.

Meanwhile, Monster Trucks got made and released by Paramount because former studio president Adam Goodman’s four-year-old kid liked monster trucks. No, this is not a joke. Its budget was $125 million.

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