Paranormal Activity 3 breaks TWO box office records


As Andrew reported earlier this week, it’s really no surprise that Paranormal Activity 3 took the number one spot at the box office with a whopping $54,000,000. However, what is a surprise is the fact that the film, which I thoroughly enjoyed, has broken two box office records: best opening weekend for a horror film ever and best ever opening weekend for in October.

That’s pretty awesome, especially the best October opening part. Why, you ask? Well, before PA3, the record was held by another, less…classy Paramount film: Jackass 3D. Now, I liked that movie too, but it’s not exactly Oscar-worthy.

So, with this massive, record-breaking opening weekend, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing Paranormal Activity 4 next year. Will they call it Paranormal 4ctivity? I certainly hope not. Will I be in line at midnight to see it? You bet your bottom dollar. Will I spend the next 350-someodd days praying to the cinema gods that it follows Molly Ephraim’s character from Paranormal Activity 2? You count on it.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]