Paranormal Activity 5 may be delayed to 2014, world cries


Although every Paranormal Activity flick does gangbusters in the box office, maybe even Paramount realizes it’s time to slow them down some. Paranormal Activity 5 is currently set for an October release, but sources close to The Wrap told them that Paramount is strongly thinking of delaying the film to the early 2014 window for reasons unknown. 

You know why? Because Paranormal Activity 5 is set to release in three months and has no writer, no director, and no clue. Wait. Hubert said it better, so I’ll just hand the rage over to him here: 

Clearly the screenwriters didn’t have an afternoon to sh** out the 80 minutes of talky garbage that surrounds the four minutes of jump scares. And clearly they couldn’t find a director who could sit with bored dispassion as he contemplates the death of his film school ideas about art. And clearly the small crew didn’t have a free weekend to shoot the whole piece of sh**. And clearly the production company didn’t have a spare $13,500 to pay for the production, or the $500 to order all of the pizza for the two days of garbage that would have grossed $40 million opening weekend. 

Just stop with all of the sequels. Just stop with the garbage already. 

[via The Wrap]