Park Chan-wook to make movie on iPhone


You’ll know him as the director of Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, and Thirst, Park Chan-wook is now talking about his latest project, Paranmanjang (Translation: Life of Ups and Downs). 30 minutes in length, and shot for $133,000 on an iPhone, Chan-wook is — wait, what? The iPhone? With it’s low resolution, small sensor size, and automatic everything? You gotta be kidding me, right?

In an interview with AP, Chan-wook went on to say that “There are some good points of making a movie with the iPhone as there are many people around the world who like to play and have fun with them,” Compared to other movie cameras, the iPhone was good “because it is light and small and because anyone can use it,”

I mean, sure, the iPhone is small and can’t make calls, but it has horrible latitude (how much light the camera can play with), not to mention an incredibly small sensor. But I digress, I could spend hours talking about cameras. What say you, readers?

[Via Film School Rejects, Via AP]