Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville will pitch a tent …


… in an untitled camping comedy directed by Todd Rohal. See what happens when you just read the headline? You look like a pervert.

Oswalt and Knoxville will play squabbling brothers who agree to honor their dying father by taking out a troop of young scouts on a last ditch camping trip. I predict that the troop will fulfill a quota of rambunctious children, Knoxville and Oswalt will revert back to childish tom foolery, and the trip will go terribly wrong due to a robot bear attack. Or a regular bear attack, these things can go either way.

I’m a huge fan of Patton Oswalt and I’ve been waiting for Johnny Knoxville to transfer some of that Jackass charm into his acting, but something about a generic comedy involving kids and a whacky camping trip leaves me cautious. And am I really supposed to believe that they’re brothers? COME ON! Still, very little is known about this film that doesn’t even have a title, so I’ll reserve judgement until we find out more.