Patty Jenkins leaves Thor 2 for another superhero movie?


Deadline is reporting that Patty Jenkins has left Thor 2 after being with the project since only October. No specific reasoning for her departure is available, other than the old standard “creative differences.” Additionally, Jenkins is reportedly leaving for another superhero movie, one that’s not a sequel. Possibly a Marvel movie, possibly not. If she’s already under contract to direct a Marvel picture (which is a common deal Disney is throwing directors), she might be making one of the new superhero pictures Marvel Studios has in the works, jumping ship to a DC movie, or something else entirely. No director has been announced as her replacement, but with a 2013 release date, they’ll need someone soon.

No clue if this is a good or a bad thing. There’s no report of bad blood, in the same way there was when Jon Favreau departed the Marvel house after Iron Man 2, but Jenkins also never really said much of anything about her involvement in the project, so it’s hard to gauge what friction might have been created. Odds are, she just didn’t feel she fit well in the project, so she decided to bow out gracefully. 

[Via Deadline]