Patty Jenkins will return to direct ‘Wonder Woman 2’


Well, in news that should surprise no-one, Patty Jenkisn will be returning to direct the untitled sequel to this years Wonder Woman. This development was announced in an exclusive by Variety yesterday, and there’s even a release date to mark your calendar for: Dec. 13, 2019.

This is what Variety had to say right out of the gate:

Patty Jenkins has closed a deal to direct the sequel to the summer hit “Wonder Woman.”

Gal Gadot has already signed on to return in the title role. The film is slated for release on Dec. 13, 2019.

Jenkins is already working on a script with Geoff Jones, who, in conjunction with Jon Berg, oversees the DC Universe as a whole for Warner Brothers. 

This news is both a no-brainer and a godsend. Jenkins is responsible for creating the best DC movie to date (excluding the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, before all this extended universe business got started,) and the most profitable too. Wonder Woman grossed $409 million domestically and $813 million internationally, making it a huge boon for both Warner Brothers and DC. It only seems natural that they’d have Jenkins return to direct another badass film.

And who doesn’t want that? Wonder Woman was and is a critical darling. It’s received  acclaim from nearly every movie outlet worth remembering, and has satisfied fans the world over. Having Jenkins return is a huge boon, and will put make fans, critics, and investors happy.

[via Variety]