Paul Feig is not British enough for Bridget Jones reboot


There’s a ton of stuff I like about England. Here’s a small cross-section: Our own Xander Markham, Idris Elba, Misfits, fish and chips, Captain Britain, horror film The Children, and Skins. One of their national treasures that I never understood, and it’s most likely due to my being both American and male, is the Bridget Jones franchise. I watched the first one a long time ago, and all I remember is Renée Zellweger had an accent and a diary, Colin Firth was a stuffy jerk, and Hugh Grant was a smarmy jerk. I didn’t ever get around to seeing the second one, mostly because I was too busy looking for Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

We reported a while back that Paul Feig, of Bridesmaids fame, was potentially going to direct the reboot of the popular franchise, because everyone loves reboots, am I right? Well, apparently he decided against the bewildering decision to reboot a franchise while keeping its now older, less adorable lead actress intact and has left the project. Universal Pictures and Working Title Films are looking to fill Feig’s void with a British director before January, when they will ideally begin production. This makes sense, seeing as how the directors of the two previous films were British (and coincidentally, they’re also women).

Between Bridesmaids simply killing it on the sales charts and Feig working on two other projects, somehow I think he’ll be okay without Ms. Jones. Do you like the Bridget Jones franchise? Would Feig have been able to pull of the reboot or sequel or whatever it will end up being? Is it better off with a British director? Sound off in the comments.

[Via Deadline]

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