Paul Greengrass’s next project is Martin Luther King Jr.


Paul Greengrass has chosen his next project: Memphis, a film centered around the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, produced by Scott Rudin and Universal Pictures. The film will shooting from a script written by Greengrass as early as June, which could make it the first amongst many in-development projects about Dr. King to be released. It will operate in a similar way to Micheal Mann’s Ali, telling the story of the man’s life through a short period of time, specifically his organizing of Memphis’ sanitiation workers in the months before his death. There is currently no word on casting

I wasn’t a huge fan of Green Zone, as the politics felt like too little, too late with action a reskin of the Bourne movies. That said, Greengrass is one of my favorite filmmakers working today, and United 93 was easily the best film of 2006. This is going to be one to pay attention to.

[Via Deadline]