Paul Rudd joins the cast of Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters


Jason Reitman’s re-reboot of his father’s Ghostbusters series isn’t lacking for star power off that bat since all the surviving original Ghosbusters are slated to return including Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray. However, they’ve just added an actual box office heavy weight with the announcement that Paul Rudd will be joining the cast. As you can see below he’s very excited, a little disturbingly so. 

Where’s the slime, Paul? Where!? 

Neither Rudd or the Variety report reveal who the actor will be playing, but it’s pretty easy to see him as an Egon replacement. The other option is that he plays the same role as Ant-Man does in the MCU, the guy they have to explain everything to because he’s just a normal guy. Rudd makes for a great audience proxy so that would make sense. Then again, maybe he’s evil. An evil ghost lord or something. We don’t know much about other than it will involve the original Ghostbusters and a mother and her son.

I actually had fun with the all-female Ghostbusters but I also wasn’t excited about more movies surrounding them. It was an OK film with decent comedy but not something that begged for more. Hopefully this halfway revamp will spark a bit more interest from the world. 

Matthew Razak
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