Paz de la Huerta will star in Nurse 3D, as will her boobs


Lionsgate and V Magazine has just released the concept art for the upcoming horror film Nurse 3D starring the ever so constantly naked, Paz de la Huerta. Pictured in the concept art is Paz de la Huerta, nude (yet again) and covered in blood with that dominatrix/serial killer glint in her eye. In the film, Paz de la Huerta will be playing Abby Russell, a “beautiful, dedicated nurse with a sinister side, and a secret life’s work in which she targets and punishes dishonest men”. My oh my, a nurse who’s nude, bloody and punishes naughty men? HOW SALACIOUS!

Excuse my insincerity, I’m just not buying into the whole Paz de la Huerta is a sex idol thing. I’m not saying that Paz de la Huerta isn’t an attractive lady in her own right, it’s just that between the amount of nudity in Boardwalk Empire and Enter the Void, I’d pay to see her clothed at this point, much less pay to see her naked in three dimensions. Check the gallery for the full NSFW high res picture. Also, if you aren’t doing it already, WATCH THE F**K OUT OF BOARDWALK EMPIRE!