Pegg and Wright want to start on new script soon


Having been waylaid by the deeply misjudged alien ‘comedy’ Paul, Simon Pegg disclosed in an interview with Ain’t It Cool News that he was hoping to get started on a new script with Edgar Wright before making his return visit to the Starship Enterprise.

He doesn’t say exactly what this new script might entail, though fingers will be crossing everywhere for the third entry in the excellent ‘Three Colours Cornetto’ trilogy, which started with rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead and continued with the inspired cop-medy (yes, I just made that up) Hot Fuzz. Rumours have been circulating for a while that the final entry – which will be linked to my favourite flavour Cornetto, mint-chocolate – will take on the trappings of an apocalyptic sci-fi, provisionally titled The World’s End. This would certainly make sense given how much work in the genre Pegg and his on-screen cohort Nick Frost have been doing recently – the latter in the brilliant Attack The Block.

Like everyone else with a sense of humour, I loved the trio’s first two Cornetto movies, so am rabidly excited to see what they’ve come up with for its swansong – even moreso if it brings all the characters from the previous movies together somehow, just as Krzysztof KieÅ›lowski did at the end of Three Colours: Red. Let’s hope that Paul – which Edgar Wright didn’t direct – was just an aberration and normal service will be resumed soon.

[via AICN]