Penn Jillette turns to crowd funding for a new film


The staff at Flixist has a lot of opinions about celebrity Kickstarters/crowd funding. Good or bad, you can now add Penn Jillette to the list of crowd funding celebs. (Personally I think it’s good, like a free Frogurt.) The film is called Director’s Cut, written by Jillette and directed by Adam Rifkin (The Chase, Look). Here’s what Jillette says about the film:

Director’s Cut is not formulaic, and I see that as a feature not a bug. That’s a good thing! What I want in a movie is wit and surprise, and a bit of sexy and scary. So I’ll be asking you to help finance Director’s Cut, a movie for people like us, at The campaign launches September 19th and I’ve got tons of groovy rewards in return for your support. I do not want your money for nothing, (and I already have my chicks for free) — you’ll get great rewards for your contribution. We’re finishing up the rewards list now so make sure you’re the first to see it — this stuff will go fast.

Details on Director’s Cut are currently scant, but you can sign up for updates at the Fund Anything page. There’s also a Facebook page for Director’s Cut that ought to get updated in the coming weeks as the funding campaign launches. We’ve got the poster for the film in the gallery.

How do you feel about Penn Jillette crowd funding a movie? Are you enthused about it (i.e., the Veronica Mars Kickstarter)? Are you annoyed or angered by it (i.e., the Zach Braff Kickstarter or the Spike Lee Kickstarter)? Are you weirded out by it (i.e. the Uwe Boll Kickstarter)? Do you want to see one of my favorite Penn & Teller bits after the cut?

[via Bleeding Cool]

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