Penny Arcade’s “The New Kid” to be adapted


If you read the gaming-ish webcomic Penny Arcade late last year, you may remember they made a series of single-strip stories, just to play around with different ideas. One such was The New Kid, which told the story of a father who has the kind of job that make shim move his family around a lot, except it’s actually in space, and they’re moving to different planets. It’s an OK idea, but not my favorite amongst the other little one-shots.

Now, “The New Kid” is being adapted by Paramount into an animated motion picture, to be written by Book of Eli scribe Gary Whitta. Paramount is high on the animated film train after the awesome and profitable Rango (read Matt’s review!), and with an idea like this, that’s basically just a germ of a thing that could turn into a pretty solid kid’s movie. In terms of Penny Arcade adaptations, wake me when they decide to do an animated noir version of “Automata.
[Via THR]