People went to see the good movies and avoided the bad this weekend


In a shocking move unheard of in cinematic history, movie-going audiences this weekend went to see the good movies, giving The House with a Clock in Its Walls a better-than-expected opening and propelling A Simple Favor up into the second place spot. Meanwhile, no one went to see Assassination Nation as it opened to only $1 million, and The Predator took a 65 percent drop with only $8.7 million. So, good job, folks. Way to make good decisions.

(Note: I’m clearly being hyperbolic up there. Don’t @ me.)

With almost no competition coming for children that lines up with Halloween pulling folks in, The House with the Clock in Its Walls could be staring down a pretty successful run. We could some sequels land out of this one, which wouldn’t be too bad since more B&B — the nickname I’ve given Jack Black and Kate Blancett as a duo — is all I want from the world right now. Only time will tell, and the online petition I’m going to start. Studios listen to those things, right?

Despite that performance this one one of the weakest weekends of the year for the box office with only $85 million. Part of that is just how good this year has been for movies, though. We’ve had quality blockbusters landing like every other week. Even the down months have seen some awesome stuff that’s pulled folks into the theater. 


1. The House with a Clock in Its Walls – $26,850,000
2. A Simple Favor – $10,400,000
3. The Nun – $10,250,000
4. The Predator – $8,700,000
5. Crazy Rich Asians – $6,515,000
6. White Boy Rick – $5,000,000
7. Peppermint – $3,720,000
8. Fahrenheit 11/9 – $3,101,000
9. The Meg – $2,350,000
10. Searching – $2,175,000

Matthew Razak
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