Pet Sematary gets a remake with 28 Weeks Later director


As someone who enjoys the occasional horror film, I don’t love seeing original concepts run through the ground over and over again. Sure that’s what most of the genre is built on, but I do avoid lots of unnecessary sequels and remakes (although I do have my weaknesses). Speaking of unnecessary sequels and remakes and bad segues, Stephen King’s Pet Sematary (a story in which burying a dead animal in a spooky mystical graveyard brings them back to life as zombies) is getting yet another adaptation, this time it’s a reboot of the original story. 

The kicker is that it’s being director by the fellow who once directed 28 Weeks Later, and who’s been notorious from joining and dropping projects around Hollywood (he was once attached to direct the Highlander reboot also). Since it’s so early on in production, there are no details of the film as of yet, so keep an eye here for more details. Do you even want another Pet Semetary

[via Variety]