Peter Farrelly’s Movie 43 could be pretty crazy


While Dumb and Dumber 2 sounds nice, after my interview with him I’m far more interested in producer Peter Farrelly’s other project, which currently only holds the temporary title of Movie 43. Releasing next January, Movie 43 will feature a large cast of pretty big names, such as Emma Stone, Elizabeth Banks, Gerard Butler, and Kristen Bell as Supergirl. Seriously. One skit involves DC superheroes. The film will be comprised of a number of different comedic shorts, all “hugely R-rated”, and framed with a wraparound story. Each short has different writers, directors, and, obviously, actors, and if one’s all DC Comics-ed out, odds are they’re going to really run the gamut.

Farrelly describes it as one of the most outrageous things he’s ever done, saying “you’re either going to love it or hate it…some people are saying ‘That’s f**king obscene,” some people are saying, ‘You’re God.'” I have to say, no matter how The Three Stooges turns out, Movie 43 sounds like a whole lot of fun.