Peter Mayhew returning as Chewbacca, Episode VII filming already underway


Like much of JJ Abrams’ other projects, the plot, casting, and production of Star Wars: Episode VII has been kept tightly under wraps. The only things we know of for sure are R2-D2’s return, the new story taking place thirty years after the original trilogy, Adam Driver playing an undisclosed villain, and we’re getting a new Star Wars film every year. At least now we can add Peter Mayhew returning as Chewbacca to that list.

According to THR, Mayhew is returning as Chewbacca (in some unknown capacity) and filming is already underway for the film. Which means the cast is set, yet we still don’t know much. Here’s hoping we get something more concrete soon. May the fourth be with us.

[via THR