Phantom Tollbooth movie is back on at


If you’re me then your favorite book in the whole world growing up (and now) is The Phantom Tollbooth. Also if you’re me than you loved the animated version that was made, but you’ve been desperate for a new feature film because it would just be awesome. Also, also if you’re me then you’ve been sad that a Phantom Tollbooth movie has been stuck in development hell for ages… but gears are moving!

Michael Vukadinovich has reportedly signed on to write a new screenplay for the movie and the rights have moved from WB to TriStar. WB sat on the project so long that their screenwriter and director left the project. With kid’s properties making money non-stop it’s weird they let it go, but here’s to Tristar getting the ball rolling again so we can all find our ticks. 


Matthew Razak
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