Photographic proof exists of Pirates Of The Carribean 5


I’m seeing Avengers tomorrow, Star Wars has just had a new trailer, and Fast and Furious 7 has made more money than every country in Scandinavia combined. In this world of blockbuster juggernauts, Jerry Bruckheimer has a message for you: “Pirates of the Carribean still exists.”

Why it still exists, we can not yet say. Many men have died on the voyage to discover its secrets, and found little signs of life aboard the assumed abandoned ship PotC, save for the one constant of Johnny Depp making this face: O_O. “No more,” they said, “the seas are dangerous, the sky is dark, and there be nothing but pain when the winds carry you through.”

And with the backs of these brave men turned, did the PotC come once more to life. Horrified they were as the signal reached them, raising a hand to their chest as they suddenly realised their brothers died for nothing. A sailor opened the parchment containing the signal, unrolled and and presented it to his crew. Johnny Depp making this face: O_O

[via Collider]