Photos give first look of Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending


The Wachowski Siblings’ newest film Jupiter Ascending is under way as the two shoot a chase scene at London’s Natural History Museum that involves a skate ramp that jumps over a giant dinosaur. That’s probably the biggest tease in the history of movies. The possibilities for its use boggle the mind.

The film stars Mila Kunis as Jupiter, a lowly Russian maid who finds out she’s actually next in line to become Queen of the Universe. Obviously other people, like the current Queen of the Universe, want that power so Channing Tatum is sent to track her down using his genetically engineered ex-military skills. As you can see from the set photos things are looking pretty out there, but in a cool, Wachowski way. That’s definitely one of the more badass Santa Clauses I’ve seen.

Finally we get a look at the logo thanks to a shot of the director’s chair and a letter that went out.

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Matthew Razak
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