Pic of The Lizard (Pez dispenser) from new Spider-Man


The Amazing Spider-Man is about eight months away, and we still haven’t seen an official image of The Lizard, the baddie in the movie. Well, looks like we’ve got our first look at the transformed Dr. Kurt Connors in Pez dispenser form. We may get more images when the official Pogs are released. (I got some cool ones myself. ALF Pogs. Remember ALF? He’s back, in Pog form.)

The pic of the Pez dispenser is after the jump. We’ve also got our own firsthand description of The Lizard from earlier this year and some other Pez dispenser pics for comparison purposes. Excelsior!

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So there it is. How close is the Pez dispenser to what will wind up on screen? Here’s an excerpt from our San Diego Comic Con Sony panel coverage, in which Amazing Spider-Man clips were shown:

I was just treated to the first footage of The Lizard, Dr. Kurt Connors. At first it looked like some sorted skin crotch-stitch, but luckily they did not tease us too much and showed off the villain in full 3D. To describe him, imagine Batman’s Killer Croc with a tail and adapt the face to look a little like the Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. movie. Don’t think that the description with the Goomba face means it looks cheesy or silly even. He is big, he is bad, he is menacing. Massive and scaly and green, just how he should be.

Below are some other Pez dispensers which, along with our own description, suggests that the image above is probably pretty accurate.

I feel a bit uncomfortable about R2-D2’s perch on that dispenser. I know it’s a droid and it’s not built like a human, but still.

If there’s one thing that we don’t need it’s another little hungry mouth to feed without this Pez dispenser. (Without this Pez dispenser.) And our mamas cried.

Yes, that’s Prince William and Kate Middleton as Pez. Or, if you squint, it’s Steve Coogan and Amy Adams as a brunette. (Sadly no Alan Partridge Pez dispenser. I just checked.)

You now want to buy like seven of these things.

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