Pirates 4 sets records for Disney overseas box office


You know what sucks? Foreigners. And yeah, in this case, I’m sort of one of them. (Not really though). After America did its job by giving the suck-pocalyptically awful Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides the weakest opening weekend of any movie in the franchise, filthy foreign hordes went and undid those fine efforts by awarding it a record for the highest overseas box-office gross of any Disney movie.

The Depp-starring travesty (you know, the one that isn’t The Tourist) has brought in about $211m in the United States so far, but a soul-crushing $695.9m in overseas markets – making it the fourth highest overseas grossing movie of all time, behind Avatar, Titanic and Lord of The Rings: Return of the King. No-one escapes without shame – the UK and Ireland at least gave the movie a much weaker box-office than the previous two Pirates sequels, but still the best opening weekend of 2011 – but in particular, Donald Trump will feel vindicated, because Stranger Tides made more on its opening weekend in China than the previous movie did in its ENTIRE RUN. If their funding of vomitrocious movies isn’t proof of them laughing at the West, I don’t know what is…

[via Collider, Wikipedia]