Pitch Perfect sequel planned for 2015


Pitch Perfect flourished like wildfire from seemingly out of nowhere. I loved it for what it was and still sort of catch myself watching it from time to time. It featured a nice cast of almost nobodies (not including Anna Kendrick), gave Rebel Wilson the spotlight she needed (as proven by her recent MTV award show hosting duty), and was an original property in a year filled with sequels/rebootquels/remakes. 

So of course there’s more of them coming. While we’ve heard rumblings about an aca-sequel months ago (and I subsequently thought it was a bad idea), Universal confirmed today that they plan to have Pitch Perfect 2 out sometime in 2015. Kay Cannon (who wrote the first one) is back to write it, most of the cast will probably come back (given that they we’re willing to have a mini-reunion just a few nights ago), but there is no other information at this point. I still stand by the bad idea thing, but I’ll be willing to see where this goes. If you need an example of what Pitch Perfect exactly is, peep the video after the jump. Expect more news in the coming months. 

[via /Film]

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