Pitch reel shows what Paramount’s John Carter would have been like


John Carter was a massive flop for Disney, but it wasn’t because the film was terrible. It was actually a fun science fiction throwback with some great sequences. No, it flopped because Disney had no faith in it so it begs the question what if a studio who did had put it out. Paramount originally had the rights before losing them and above you can see what they would have been working with.

This is entirely new, but it’s the best version out there. It honestly doesn’t look that drastically different, and may have even informed the Disney product. You get a bit more of a campy vibe from the art work, but otherwise we’re much in the same vein, though Kerry Conran would have directed the movie very differently from Pixar alum Andrew Stanton.

Some may say that this is what Carter should have been, but the only reason the movie actually gets so much hate is because it was such a financial flop, not because it sucked. A bit better marketing and support and Disney could have had a franchise on their hands. 

John Carter Presentation Reel

Matthew Razak
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