Pixar’s got Soul in the first trailer for the studio’s next animated feature

Disney and Pixar’s Soul | Official Teaser Trailer | Disney+

We just this morning got our first glimpse at Pixar’s next animated delight, and already there’s a proper trailer to get the train rolling for next year’s release.

Starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fay, Soul looks to be Pixar’s most-blunt exploration of our emotions yet–even more than Inside Out–in its depiction of a dreamer jazz musician (Foxx) whose death puts us into an afterlife, his soul exploring the realm beyond. It’s pretty lofty stuff, but it would appear that Pixar is ready as ever to make the most daunting of motifs digestible for audiences of all ages.

Certainly sporting no shortage of cutting-edge animation, the glimpse of Soul we get in this trailer is drop-dead gorgeous, with some seriously emotive, bouncy animation and a vibrant color palette. 

Soul should make a delightful start for the summer when it opens June 19, 2020.