Plant your eye-lookers at these Avengers stills


Last week, we showed you a few stills from The Avengers, and this week, we’re RIGHT back in with even more! One, granted, is just a higher resolution version of a pic we carried last week, but you know what? This one’s prettier, and thus it’s better. Prettier things are always the better things. That’s proven by laws. Laws of men. Men that move mountains with sweat and elbow grease. Men that build motorcycles out of used teeth and Detroit steel. I don’t know where I’m going with this at all.

Hey, look! Avengers stills! One is a behind the scenes photo! I actually really like the one of Steve Rogers (Christ Evans) looking at his new outfit while looking particularly time-lost, judging from his civilian garb. Check them all out in the gallery below! 

[Via Superhero Hype]