Point Break remake gets totally extreme trailer


Remaking Point Break was a dumb thing to do, but remaking it as what looks like a deadly serious action film with extreme sports is even dumber. If I already wasn’t that excited for this movie I’m even less now. Not even the fact that most of the stunts were done for real gets me excited when a trailer looks this bland. 

And why, dear god, is the entire thing shot through some sort of filter that sucks color out of everything? Are extreme sports too extreme for our eyes when natural color is used? Are we seriously trying to go a little Noir with this? Are they really sure that the way to tackle an adaptation of a film that’s remembered as a bit cheesy is to double down on the seriousness? Let’s hope this trailer isn’t indicative of the final project or we’re going to have one hell of a boring time watching people fling themselves off cliffs.

Point Break - Official Trailer [HD]

Matthew Razak
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