Point Break remake lands Luke Bracey


Point Break is being pointlessly remade soon, and we already know that Gerard Butler will be taking over the role of Bodhi that Patrick Swayze previously tackled. That left Keuanu Reeves’s role of Johnny Utah (god, were the names in this movie awesome). According to the press release you see below that role will be filled by Luke Bracey, who might know from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but probably not. 

Production on this ill advised remake will begin this summer and then maybe Hollywood can finally learn that some movies are great at a point in time, but don’t work forever. Point Break is amazing because it came out when it did and perfectly fit all the actors starring in it. Now it’ll just seem like a dumb surf movie trying to cash in on extreme sporting or something. Let classics stay classics sometimes, Hollywood.

Matthew Razak
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