Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu has raked in the most money of any video game film


Pikachu we choose you! is what moviegoers said when they flocked to theaters to see Pokemon Detective Pikachu earlier this year. Seems our favorite electric mouse captured the box office too according to a report from Yahoo! News. It now can proudly say it is the highest-grossing video game film of all time. It actually earned an impressive $436 million worldwide.

Being a huge Pokemon fan myself, this news does not surprise me and I am happy it did so well. It paves the way for more films like it in the franchise. Besides the breathtaking lifelike visual effects that brought the Pokemon to life, the story was also enjoyable as well. Ryan Reynolds breathed life into Pikachu in such a way as we have never seen him before.

Will the Sonic movie take its spot? That really remains to be seen but I am not holding my breath. Hopefully, we see Pikachu and friends back on the big screen soon.

Tarah Bleier
Tarah Bleier is a freelance writer, editor, and content creator from Toronto, Canada. She currently actively writes for, Flixist and The Gamer. As a graduate of Centennial College’s Journalism program, she has also written for Daily Esports, Nintendo Enthusiast, PC Invasion, Tribute.ca, Factinate.com .In her free time, she loves gaming, film (of course!),cosplay, Disney and Marvel, and traveling.