Popeye gets Smurfed into a 3D CG-animated film


Everybody’s favorite forearm tumor-riddled cartoon character, Popeye, is making his return to the big screen in a 3D computer-generated animated film. Sony Pictures Animation is handling the adaptation and have tapped the stellar minds behind The Smurfs, Jay Scherick and David Ronn, to reintroduce the vegetarian sailor to the new generation of kids.

According to a press release by Sony that Coming Soon received, Sony is “thrilled that Jay and Dave are helping us reintroduce Popeye to a new generation. Their take on the world of Popeye has just the right blend of comedy, adventure and heart — all the elements that made a great animated film.” No other details, including plot or casting, have been revealed yet.

Are you guys excited for more childhood memories becoming bastardized into fluffy film adaptations for a generation of kids that’ll never appreciate the originals? I know I am.

[via Coming Soon]