Possible plot details for The Hangover: Part III emerge


It was just a week ago we told you that The Hangover Part II co-writer Craig Mazin was being tapped to write the inevitable third installment in the series. It’s already been said by director Todd Phillips that a third Hangover flick would see a dramatic shift in the way that the plot carries out, but now it appears we have a few more details on just what crazy event could possibly bring the “three best friends” back together.

/Film points to an interview with Rolling Stone, in which Zack Galifianakis reveals that he’s “getting fricking phone calls already” about reprising his role of the manbaby Alan in the next movie in the Hangover franchise. According to Galifianakis, the next film will ditch the post-bachelor party amnesia entirely. Instead, Alan will be a patient and a mental hospital, with the rest of the Wolf Pack trying to break him out. 

While I didn’t particularly hate The Hangover Part II quite like Matt did, I cannot deny that the plot of the movie was almost a complete retread of it’s predecessor. It didn’t keep me from enjoying the film, and it certainly didn’t keep the film from making a gazillion dollars, but I won’t argue with a story shakeup. Personally, I’m hoping for Galifianakis’ Alan to be an entirely different person due to some sort experimental treatment he receives at this mental hospital. A monotone and apathetic Alan would be a great and potentially hilarious change of pace.

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