Post-apocalyptic Zorro apparently in the works


When I first saw the email that contained this story, I honestly thought it was some fan made video, or something like that. But imagine my surprise when Collider picked up the story this morning. Apparently, Fox is working on a reboot of the Zorro franchise that would see the masked swashbuckler in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It has also been mentioned that he will be a “one man vigilante force bent on revenge”. So, it’ll be like The Punisher set in the Fallout universe.

I mean, this is a really dumb idea. This reboot does nothing but confirm my suspensions that studio execs are some of the least smartest people out there. But the flick has the potential to be so dumb, it’s awesome. But then again, the director will be Rpin Suwannath, a pre-visualization guy who’s worked on The Matrix, Serenity, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Y’know, not a director at all. Studio heads, listen up. Just because a dude wants to direct, doesn’t mean he can. Anyway, what do you fine people think of this news?

[Via Collider]