Poster and image from Mel Gibson’s Summer Vacation


Appearing out of nowhere, we have an image and a poster for the Mel Gibson action movie How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Filmed in late 2009 and co-starring Peter Stromare, it never received domestic distribution, likely because Mel Gibson did Mel Gibson things. (The Playlist says the film was distributed in international territories, however.) According to the poster, we can expect Vacation in summer 2012, though there’s no other information available.

Rather than falling in love with Demi Moore while drawing cartoons and building a boat for a regatta, Gibson spends his summer in a Mexican prison where he learns to survive from a nine-year-old boy. I wonder what that kid was in for. We’ve got the image and the poster in the gallery.

I sort of hope this becomes a franchise of some kind, with the Gibson character going through a series of situations aided by tough, hyper-intelligent nine-year-olds. Maybe even the same kid in each movie, though he is perpetually nine years old. I’ve included 10 potential sequel titles after the cut.

[Via The Film Stage, The Playlist]

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