Poster: Escape Plan starring Stallone, Schwarzenegger


This new poster for upcoming action thriller Escape Plan is actually kinda cool! Escape Plan stars Sylvester Stallone as a masterful architectural engineer who specializes in structural security systems; i.e. he builds maximum security prisons. When he is wrongly imprisoned and sent to The Tomb, a prison of his own design, he has to team up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character – a fellow convict – in order to attempt a daring escape.

The reason I say the poster is kinda cool is because it doesn’t follow a lot of the cliche action poster tropes that most seem to these days. There’s no goofy photoshop effects that scream “action movie,” there’s no sparks flying, explosions happening or bullets zipping by, it’s just these two actors sitting alone in a very structurally imposing space. It actually reminds me a bit of structural movement in 1960s cinema, and if this movie actually paid homage to that it would be amazing. Even if it doesn’t, Escape Plan still features two huge action stars, so there’s that to look forward to. Escape Plan opens October 18th, 2013.

[via Collider]