Poster icon Drew Struzan to do posters for Mondo


Drew Struzan’s posters are almost as iconic as the films he made them for. You’ve seen Struzan’s work for all of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies, Hellboy, Back to the Future, the one part in The Mist where you see a Dark Tower poster, and many, many more, including most of the Star Wars book and comic covers from the 1990s. To say he’s a legend in the world of illustrated posters is putting it lightly. The man has emerged from his 2008 retirement to do posters for our favorite poster guys over at Mondo later this year.

In an interview with /Film, Mondo creative director Justin Ishmael said that Struzan, “[is] so excited to be working with us that, I don’t want to give too much away, but we basically got him to come out of retirement. He’s going to start doing new stuff. Not just old stuff. ‘I’m sitting down and thinking of new ideas for new stuff that you guys have.’ So that’ll be happening, hopefully, later on this year.” Basically, new work from Drew Struzan makes my nether regions moist with secretions, and I’m probably going to wind up bankrupting myself to buy some of his new stuff. As soon as we get information on what Struzan’s going to be up to, you know it’ll be here.

[Via /Film]