Posters uh-released for Baz’s um Gatsby, I think?


Hmmm well uh yes it seems yes absolutely. Mr Baz, a great friend uh buddy kind of- yes- has decided to release some great posters filled with uh vaguely attractive people uh he ha? No. It uhm has transpired that a number of posters for The Great Gatsby have been kindly, yes, released into the wild mmmmm nature finds a way ha he! 

There’s one with Leonardo DaVinciface, another with Tobey Maguirenotspider-man and a few others with females and such. Goldblum appreciates the females, know what I mean, uh yes, ladies? Aha! It seems that, yes indeed, these are posters designed to uh sell the Gatsby adaptation through the casting rather than through the film. A cynic would uh argue that this completely ironic given the very social commentating nature (upon opulence and wealth) that Gatsby embodies but uh I am but Jeff Goldblum!

[via the ummm site ComingSoon