Potential Fantastic Four reboot with Chronicle director


What’s up with major Marvel-related blockbuster superhero films grabbing indie directors? First, The Amazing Spider-Man grabbed (500) Days of Summer‘s Marc Webb, and if rumors prove to be true, it appears that Fox is setting their sights on Chronicle‘s Josh Trank to helm a rebooted Fantastic Four film. For fans of rebooted superhero franchises, this could come as a mixed bag.

As I indicated in our most anticipated 2012 films list, Chronicle is my bet for one of the bigger surprises for the new year. However, Trank doesn’t really have much else backing him up other than hype and a couple of amazing teaser looks at Chronicle. Fox is playing it moderately safe, waiting to see how Chronicle does at the box office. Considering that Trank and studio heads have already had preliminary meetings, it’s safe to assume he’ll be playing Charlie to the fantastical quartet.

It should be noted, however, that like the Spider-Man and X-Men franchies, the Fantastic Four film property isn’t owned by Marvel due to a previous contract made with Fox prior to Marvel producing films in-house. That is to say, the F4 universe will be self-contained and unrelated to the upcoming Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man.

[via Cinema Blend]