Power Rangers delayed into 2017


Not all that long ago, Power Rangers (the movie based on the TV show Power Rangers), looked like it had its director. Now, the film’s been pushed six months from the prime summer release date of July 22 2016, to the “throw this in the trash” date of Jan 13, 2017. 

That doesn’t mean the movie’s going to be unwatchable garbage or anything, Jupiter Ascending received a similar delay after shooting, and that’s currently the best big budget movie of the year (FIGHT ME). However, it definitely speaks to the confidence Lionsgate are placing in bringing back Power Rangers, and makes it seem far less likely that we’re going to be building up to the shared Rangers universe or whatever the hell financial success looks like in this case.

Which will be a relief. I can take a lot of things, but I don’t think I can take a Power Rangers Cinematic Universe. I’m too old.


[via Variety]