Power Rangers gets sexy makeover


Power Rangers just got a whole lot more revealing. Yandy.com just released a line of themed lingerie that will have you looking at the Power Rangers in a whole new way. Sure, you could always cosplay as them but now you have the option to wear some fancy undergarments and really geek out and just in time for Halloween too.

The new line exclusive to Yandy.com is called the”Morphin Babe” line (very fitting since it’s inspired by the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). Each ranger got a sexy makeover and they even included the popular Green Ranger. Check them out below for yourself as these are not the same Rangers you grew up with. Yes, it seems quite ridiculous when you first look at it but hey whatever sells right?

You also get a themed mask included with each one to really complete the look. They range from size S to XL, and they retail for $34.95.Yandy is known for having other themed lingerie sets from popular franchises like Harry Potter and Disney Princess. The real question one must ask themselves here is why? Why do we need a sexy Power Rangers underwear line? I guess the real answer to that would be, well why not? If Bowser can get a sexy female makeover than the Power Rangers sure can too.

While you can’t exactly wear these out in public, they still maintain the overall Power Rangers theme and gives off a very feminine feel as well. Let us know your thoughts on these particular designs. Who knows? maybe we may see other franchises and even an expansion to this line in the future.

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Tarah Bleier
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