Practical I Am Legend vampires look much better than CG


I Am Legend was a really, really good movie with half of a really, really bad movie attached to it. Worse than the bewilderingly out of sorts last half, though, was the terrible CGI for all of the vampires/zombies/I don’t even care. Whoever decided to pair Will Smith’s genuinely moving, disturbing portrayal of the last man left alive in New York with such awful CG needs to be beheaded. Now, with this early makeup test for a practical version of the monsters, it’s even more apparent that a horrible mistake was made. While this makeup is genuinely terrifying and fantastically-crafted, the CGI monsters we got were, well, Sci-Fi Channel grade effects work.

Yet another terribly sad passing of time, as practical effects slowly go the way of the dodo. Tom Savini and Rick Baker are somewhere neck-deep in lady-parts weeping their eyes out.

[Via io9]